Photo Gallery – Friends and Subjects

FASHION/EDITORIAL/INDUSTRIAL/NATURE/POLITICIANS/ATHLETES (USA and elsewhere). M.H. Photography and Magnum Photo Group links: 

See:  There, you will find a very talented photographer’s expose of me  (under ‘Editorials (actors/writers/athletes, etc.)’ along with others (mostly golfters and boxers). 


I also recommend seeing my dear friend, Biljana Scott’s photography, at: . Her work in and of Oxford — it’s halls, parties, landscapes and water reflections — are special, as is SHE.  I appear in one of her contributions to an Oxford English Faculty prospectus and other experiemental portraiture she did in Oxford, from 1999-2000 (see “Portraits — ‘Against Portraits'”…where she has me in a butch!). Her work on linguists/philology and its relation to photography is also impressive and pristine.