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Airspeed Oxford: the adventures of Joan Yu (CreateSpace: March 2013).
Book Summary: “Airspeed Oxford” is a novel about a translator for the secret service, Joan Yu, a young woman of Chinese, English and French descent, raised in England and educated at Oxford. After her father’s death, Joan receives a memory box that includes an early formula for invisibility and buried plans for a secret aircraft, designed during WWII. This novel follows Joan’s journey quest to pursue an innovative design with the help of an old friend, a college mentor, and a scientist working underground, near Masada. This is the story of a young woman, who overcomes the pain of loss through love, creative enterprise, and scientific discovery.

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The Venice Apartment and Other Stories (Vancouver/Oxford: Trafford, March 2006). ISBN# 141207990-X. This is a thematically-related series of six metaphysical love stories. This is available for sale via Trafford publishing,, Barnes &, and other online booksellers. Photos from NYC conference/book buy and latest review(s) & summary: (see 8th book listing there).

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France and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History, Vols. I-III. (Oxford/Santa Barbara: ABC-Clio, May 2005). ISBN# 1-85109-411-3. Erna contributed biographies on Willa Cather and Paul Auster, to a three-volume set of encyclopedias on France-influenced writers from N. America. The series was edited by Prof. Bill Marshall, formerly a Professor of French, at the University of Glasgow, in Scotland. Follow this link for reviews and a book buy option:

NEWS RE: Chiaroscuro: Aesthetics, Values and Autobiographical Elements in the Works of Willa Cather and Marguerite Duras (Oxford: Nov. 2002). This book originated as as a thesis in Medieval and Modern Languages and Literature, at the University of Oxford; see the Bodleian Library online listing:

In early 2014, parts of the work have been published as in the Humanities Directory (UK), which will be followed by a book by the end of the year. See Vol.2, No.1 (2014) for Ch. 5, the Conclusion and Abstracts: