About Erna

Greetings! I am an author, dramatist, editor, teacher and scholar of French and English women's literature. I have published fiction, films, plays and criticism and I'm currently working on a beauty book for breast cancer survivors and others touched by cancer: I grew up in Southern Calfornia, where I enjoyed the sun and sea and wonderful outdoors. In 1986 I went to New York University on a fine art scholarship, to study portraiture and life drawing. I ended up spending two exciting years in New York taking courses in the fine arts, theatre, drama, playwriting, voice and performed in a few plays, including Joe Orton's "What the Butler Saw" and Harold Pinter's "Betrayal". A fan of voice, dialect and impersonation, I decided to expand my linguistic horizons and, after a childhood explosed to English, Spanish and Hungarian (my mother's native tongue) I began to study French. That opened up many more years of study in English and modern European languages. I returned to California and completed a B.A. in English and then went on to graduate studies at Oxford University, to read French and English literature. My childhood companion was Willa Cather's autobiographical novel, The Song of the Lark, a story about the lives of German, Czech, Hungarian, Bohemian and Scandinavian immigrants: Later, in college, I discovered the works of one of Cather's idols, George Sand, followed by the works of Marguerite Duras. This led to further research and years of enjoyment of the works of these women authors... More to continue anon.

Chiaroscuro: Aesthetics, Value and Autobiography in the Works of Willa Cather and Marguerite Duras (Humanities Directory, UK)

NEWS RE: Chiaroscuro: Aesthetics, Values and Autobiographical Elements in the Works of Willa Cather and Marguerite Duras (Oxford: Nov. 2002). This book originated as as a thesis in Medieval and Modern Languages and Literature, at the University of Oxford; see the Bodleian Library online listing:


In early 2014, parts of the work have been published as in the Humanities Directory (UK), which will be followed by a book by the end of the year. See Vol.2, No.1 (2014) for Ch. 5, the Conclusion and Abstracts: