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James Morwood’s review, at the Wadham College, Oxford Gazette (January 2007)is marvelous. Links to it will be provided shortly, directly via Wadham’s alumni publications page (www.wadham.ox.ac.uk) and via my publisher’s “Author’s Scrapbook”: http://www.trafford.com/4dcgi/wow71.html?58110415-2176aaa. Here is a bit of the review from my other arts web blog:

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New Review of my Story Collection/Heartfelt Thanks…
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Good News:

The last review of my book The Venice Apartment and Other Stories (Vancouver/Oxford: Trafford, 2006) was published by the Wadham College, Oxford Gazette (distributed annually to Wadham alumni, which is unfair to others, so I’m adding bits, here, for friends and newcomers…). The review was written by James Morwood, who is an established British literary, theatre and music critic, Prof. of Classics and Dean of Wadham College. He is also a frequent contributor to the London Telegraph and the Bloomsbury Review.  Here are a few  lines that caught me by pleasant surprise:

“Erna Cooper (1995) has an individual voice and writes evocatively, conjuring up a succession of differentiated worlds in this enjoyable collection of stories. Henry James is clearly an important inspiration, with the assemblage of well-travelled figures in a various largely European — and atmospherically evoked — locations.  James too lies behind the supernatural element in some of the stories. The final tale is a first-class ghost story, with Oxford and Amsterdam locations fuelled with native American beliefs.” Elsewhere he adds: “I wonder whether the widely travelled Somerset Maugham may lie behind Cooper’s writing, as well,” and “The nightmare mother in ‘Cacountala’ brought irresistibly to my mind Jane Austen‘s Lady Catherine de Bourgh.” (James Morwood, Wadham College, Oxford Gazette, January, 2007)

The book is also on display and for sale, directly, at the London Book Fair (UK), from 16-18 April, 2007. The Trafford stand is at Earls Court, Level 2, #Z900. That’s S.W. London, just W. of Kensington. If you’re in London take the underground to “Earls Court-West Brompton Station”. 

…Cheers, Erna. 🙂

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